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Hello and welcome to my website, my name is CreepyRaven or more commonly CreepyPastaRaven I've been narrating creepypastas and horror stories in general for roughly three years now. I've worked with many different narrators the likes of which are: MrCreepyPasta, Litterbot, and many many more. I love receiving story requests and Fan art (who doesn't ^^) You can send me these things through this email:  

I have two different shops you can visit with loads of different kinds of merchandise and I highly encourage you to check them both out ^^. I greatly appreciate any purchases you make. They show me support and also that people are interested in my endeavors. 

Now I'm sure you want to check out my videos and I do hope you enjoy them but first  I wanted to just say Thank you so much for all your support and the continued interest in not only my channel but myself as well. It's you guys the viewers that keep me doing this and please always feel free to leave feedback ^^


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