jonathan rodriguez


jonathan rodriguez

Have you ever had one of those moments in life, where you see something that is as ordinary as the back of your hand? yet for some strange reason your body No? well I have and right now I'm wishing I had listened to my body. Otherwise I wouldn't be standing here starring at the sharp,jagged,drool dripping teeth of what I thought was a normal cat. 

The month began least as far I can remember, I did my daily routine of getting up in the morning, going to class, then hitting the market on the way home, and occasionally being stopped by the neighborhood stray. I was a huge animal lover and had this thing about bring home strays, even though I knew I couldn't afford too. Life was difficult to say the least though, I was surround by huge debts and on the verge of losing my apartment, but it wasn't always bad I had good days too, I mean my random visits with a stray dog put a smile on my face. Those were happy times, but with the surmounting debts I had to take up a second job, thus limiting my time with my four legged companions. It really felt like my happy days were gone for good. Or at least I thought they were.

On one of my trips home late at night I passed this alleyway where I heard a soft meow coming from with in. The sound was so quiet I can't even began to imagine how I heard it, but it pulled at my heart strings, so I just had to investigate, plus what if the animal was hurt or something? I just couldn't leave that on my conscience. I turned into the alley and began walking amongst the dark shadows it created until I came upon two green glowing eyes illuminated by the rays of full moon. I'd be a liar if I said that I wasn't at all a bit unnerved by this, but as my eyes began to adjust to the darkness I saw a black cat with emerald green eyes. 

I know most people see black cats as superstitious and bringers of bad luck, but lucky for me I don't believe in luck. So I picked the cat up and took it home with me, this was mistake number one. We got home that night and I was so tired I didn't even change out of my work clothes I just immediately fell on my bed and passed out, it felt like all the energy in me had been drained from me. I chalked it up to a rough day of work and thought nothing of it. The cat would adjust to the house well I slept. 

I did not expect to see what I woke up to, my apartment was an utter mess. It didn't take long for me to realize that this cat... was going to be a handful. I laid out some food and water and left for work. I was sure the mischievous little thing was just stressed out a bit and was lashing out as a way to cope with the stress. I couldn't really be too mad at it. I mean I did take and bring it to an environment it had never been in before. 

Work, was dreadful I arrived late because of traffic and after countless attempts of trying to explain this to my fat slob of a boss...and several degrading comments thrown at me, I snapped and flipped him the bird. Needless to say he did not like this very much...Security threw me out. Just what I needed in life, losing my job what next my apartment? 

There are time where I just wish I'd keep my mouth shut instead of seeing how my foot tasted. I walked up to my apartment, mouth agape and eyes starring with disbelief. an eviction notice was taped to my door. I had 72 hours to get out. I couldn't believe what was happening why had my life turned out like this? Was this cat really bad luck? I opened the door and entered, sitting in the middle of my living room was the cat...with an almost sinister expression on it's face. I should've left, I should've never taken a second glance towards that cat...Why didn't I just leave!?

The cat's teeth parted eerily slow and it spoke...

"Life has beaten you down time and time again hasn't it? Wouldn't you like to beat it?"

A talking cat...this..this was impossible cat's can't talk at least last time i checked they weren't able too.

"I..I don't understand what you mean..."

The cat walked towards me and began circling me as if he was sizing up a meal.

"You've lost your job, such a shame. you work day in and day out grinding yourself to the bone. then you come home only to find out you have no home. you really are a sorry excuse for a human."

"H-how do you know all that?"

The cat stopped in front of me and gestured for me to get on his level. I bent down and was immediately met with a set of razor sharp claws being dug into my cheeks and he pulled me closer.

"I'm no ordinary cat you, I'm a sort of wish granter and for a small price I'll make all your wildest dreams come true."

I Reeled back in pain, I could already feel the blood trickling down my cheeks. This was crazy it had to be a dream. My cat was trying to convince me it could grant my wishes! Yeah that's it this is a dream I'll wake up later and all will be ok.

Having decided for myself that this was indeed just a dream I went along with this little game. 

"Okay if you can grant wishes as you put it I'll make a deal with you then."

"Purrfect, What can I grant you today?"

I already knew what I was going to wish for I had always wished for it even when I was awake.

"I want my happy days back, I want to be able to spend time with the stray's I used to visit. I never want to have to worry about a bad day again!"

The cat chuckled and barred that same sinister grin. 

"A simple wish for a simple human, Here's the deal then."

I listened in closely I was genuinely intrigued now.

"For the next week no matter what the circumstance you are forbidden from touching any kind of animal."

This seemed way to easy I just had to avoid contact with any kind of animal.

"Fine done I can do that easily, no problem!"

The cat grinned. I should have asked for more information, why I didn't alludes me. It must have been because I still thought this was a dream.

"Best of luck, you'll need it with me a round!"

I walked over to my bed and laid down, it didn't take long for me to pass out. When I awoke the next day I decided I was going to act out this dream deal. I got out of bed and head downstairs, I was running late so I didn't have time to make breakfast, out the door I went avoiding my cat. 

"not gonna trick me that easily!"

I was sure I heard my cat speak under his breath.

"don't get too chummy with those dogs today, don't wanna have to taste you this early."

No I was just hearing things at the time, that was all. I walked a different path today since I knew the dogs on my regular path would make attempts to get me to pet them and I could not have that happening.

The first day was easy, I didn't notice to many animals and those I did notice I could easily scare away by shouting at them. If this was all that I had to do, I was almost certain that I could complete this task without falter.

That was until the second and third day came around, the animals they grew braver and my shouting no longer worked on them I had to think up other methods of keeping them away from me. Things like carrying treats on me, which escalated to keeping raw meat in a bag on me. I would throw these as far away as I could and well the animals chased after them I ran from the area as fast as I could. 

I don't know why but every time I saw an animal I could only picture that cat Laughing at me, tormenting me, trying to get me to break our bargain.

"Go on, they miss you, don't you want your happy days back? pet them they'll be happy and I'll be full."

I couldn't shake this off and chalk it up to my lack of sleep like I would've liked to. No, instead it began to tear at my nerves and my degrade my Psyche. 

On the fourth day I had decided to just stay inside, I wouldn't see any animals of any kind so I wouldn't be able to hear the cat...I was terribly wrong. Every window I looked out of I could see a dog sitting on my lawn. The dogs though, something was wrong with them they began to warp,showing signs of severe injury. Bones were broken, sticking through limbs blood was pouring out of open wounds and it pains me to say this I couldn't do anything to help I could I just didn't want to. I glanced over at my cat, it meowed at me with an innocent facade. I knew what it was trying to say to me.

"...give can't do it! Look at you right now you having a breakdown..."

No I was going to do this and see it through no matter what happens. Thats what I would have liked to have happened, but I wouldn't be here in this circumstance right now if it had.

It was around 3 am when I heard the sound of glass breaking then a loud crash, followed by a pained yowl and the dying gasps of a dog. I rushed out of my bedroom and into my living room. Laying bloodied and disemboweled with glass shards sticking out of it's body was a young puppy. 

My instincts to help an injured animal took over and I bent down to help the dog. I whispered to it letting it know everything was going to be ok, that there was nothing to worry about. I petted it on it's head and checked to see if it had a pulse...when I did this my heart sank and I was filled with an intense fear and sense of regret. 

I turned slowly, having a feeling as if something menacing was standing behind me. I was met with the sharp,jagged,drool dripping teeth of what I thought was my normal cat. But by the rapidly changing size and shape of it I can tell you that this is anything but a normal cat.

" So, how long has it been since we last spoke three, four, five days? Seems like time flies so fast now a days. I was really beginning to miss you."

I couldn't speak a this thing was talking and it acted like we had known each other for a while.

" Say how's that deal of ours going? Avoiding those pesky animals? Not getting to chummy with those dogs-"

This creature stopped and looked over my shoulder and the dead puppy, I naturally looked as well, we both then looked at each other then down at my blood covered hands.

"Tsk tsk, you failed to keep your end of the bargain, I guess you know what this means, don'tcha?" 

I shook with fear as I spoke.

"w-who are y-you?"

The creature licked it's teeth one last time and smiled.

"Some have called me evil, others misfortune, I however like to think of myself as a deal maker... you're dinner!"